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GM Dynamic Fuel Management (Skip Fire) & Prins LPG

We would like to inform you about one of our latest developments: a Prins LPG-system for the new GM Skip Fire Technology!

GM (General Motors) has recently introduced a new technology: ‘Dynamic Fuel Management’, which is also called: Skip Fire. They developed this especially for the 5.3 and 6.2 liters V8 EcoTec engines, including the GMC Sierra & Chevrolet Silverado pick-up trucks. Besides this, Prins also developed an LPG system for the all new GM 6.6 liter DI engines (L8T).

What is Skip Fire?

Due to the Skip Fire technology, the car drives more economically. It enables the car to switch between the amount of cylinders that it uses while driving (cylinder deactivation). This means that the car - with it’s 8-cylinder engine - switches automatically from 1 up to 8 cylinders depending on your driving behavior and the engine load. This results in an increased fuel efficiency. It will cut down both the fuel costs and emissions such as CO2, particle matters and NOx.

We developed the Prins VSI-2.0 DI LPG system for both the 5.3 and 6.2 GM engines. By doing this, we manage to make these pick-up trucks drive even more environmentally friendly. The Prins VSI-2.0 DI system is unique due to the very low petrol use (<5%), the advanced software, and the complete Plug & Play system we have developed for this new GM engines.

In our delivery Program:

Motorset Model Year
MS VSI-2.0 DI LPG GM 4.3 LV1/LV3 MY17-19
MS VSI-2.0 DI LPG GM 5.3 L83 / 6.2 L86 ECOTEC3 MY14-16
MS VSI-2.0 DI LPG GM 5.3 L83 / 6.2 L86 ECOTEC3 M17-19
MS VSI-2.0 DI LPG GM 5.3 L82+L84 / 6.2 L87 MY19-
MS VSI-2.0 DI LPG GM 6.6 L8T MY20-

Skip FIre GM


Over ons

Prins Autogassystemen B.V., opgericht in 1986 als ontwikkelaar en fabrikant van kwalitatief hoogwaardige alternatieve brandstofsystemen om auto’s op LPG (autogas) of CNG (aardgas) te laten rijden. Het Nederlandse bedrijf is wereldwijd een toonaangevende speler in de automotive industrie.


Prins Autogassystemen B.V. is onderdeel van Westport Fuel Systems Inc.


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